We at Exposure believe that recognition and exposure are essential for photographers of all levels to move forward creatively and professionally. This belief reinforces our ongoing efforts to share, celebrate and reward anyone involved in contemporary photography.
We are eager to publish appealing, thoughtful, insightful writing about all kinds of contemporary photography, including articles, reviews, critical essays, interviews and visual communications. We are looking for exciting work from every continent and from varied points of view. We’re happy to review your work and publish on Exposure Magazine, if we feel your work is truly inspirational or exceptional.
Join us today, and become a part of the Exposure Magazine community!

Why submit your work to Exposure Magazine?

Exposure Magazine provides integrity and credibility to your work as a world leader in publishing contemporary photography.

What sort of work does Exposure Magazine publish?

Subjects can be anything, be it abstract, still life, landscape, figure work, portraits, photo documentary, social commentary and experimental work or something else, (confrontational nudity is excluded).

Do I have to pay anything to Exposure Magazine?

Exposure Magazine does not pay photographers, and photographers do not pay Exposure authority. You receive excellent publicity and Exposure Magazine promotes you, your project, books. The photographer at all times retains copyright and intellectual ownership of the images supplied.

How do I submit my work?

Please e-mail your work to by following the below guidelines –

Subject line as below –

  • Photo story/series: Submission for magazine – Your Full NameStory Name (e.g. Submission for magazine – Chris Hemsworth – Shadow Play)
  • Single image: Submission for magazine – Your Full Name – Genre (e.g. Submission for magazine – Chris Hemsworth – Street)

Mail body as below –

  • Full Name
  • Contact No.
  • A berief write-up (in case of photo story/series)
  • Story behind of the image (in case of single image)
  • Social Media Links (Facebook/Instagram)
  • Portfolio Link (Personal Website/Flickr/500px and so on)

Image specification –

  • Ratio – preferebly 2:3 or 3:2, however you can submit in other standard ratios as well
  • Size – 2000px on the longer side with 72 dpi
  • Watermark – No
  • Border – No
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